Horse Racing FAQ

horse racing faq

What is ‘nap’ in horse racing?

A ‘nap’ in horse racing is the single horse which a tipster (a person who provides betting advice) considers to be the best bet of the day.

Is horse racing fixed?

There is always a lot of concern as to whether horse racing is fixed. This is most likely due to their being a lot fixed races throughout it’s early history. However, it has not been this way for many decades. There is a lot of monitoring from the regulators on betting patterns through the betting exchanges, as well as monitoring of certain individuals who they consider may threaten horse racing. For most people involved in horse racing, there is too much cost associated with fixing horse racing and they will benefit significantly more by not playing by the rules.

Of course, there will always be some people who try, and they will always be caught out with modern surveillance. There are so few attempts that it is not something horse racing bettors need to worry about.

What is a bumper horse race?

A bumper horse race is a horse race that is run over flat ground without jumps. However, despite being raced on flat ground, it uses the rules of Jump racing. The aim is to give horses that have never raced on flat ground the experience of racing on flat ground. A hors that has previously raced on flat ground is not eligible to enter a bumper horse race.

Bumper races do not use starting stalls, like flat races do, they start from behind elasticated tape like other jump racing.

What is back and lay in betting?

A back bet is a bet that is for a horse to come in first position or a place position if betting in the place markets.

A lay bet is a bet that is for a horse to not come in first position or a place position if betting in the place market.

What does ‘pulled up’ mean in horse racing?

When a horse is ‘pulled up’ in horse racing it means that the jockey has decided that he is going to take the horse out of the race for the safety of the horse.

What does ‘RPR’ mean in horse racing?

The RPR is a rating made by the Racing Post and called the Racing Post Rating (RPR). It is a handicap rating compiled by the Racing Post handicapper, and is adjusted for the weight the horse is carrying that day.

What does ‘pu’ mean in horse racing?

When you see ‘pu’ in horse racing, this means that the horse was pulled up by the jockey.

Why are the Race Advisor horse racing tips different?

We recommend that you use our FMFR Method on all our tips (or anybody else’s). It’s a free horse racing method you can get here.  So far we’ve never seen anybody succeed in horse racing if they don’t understand themselves as a bettor first. I do believe you can find a tipster that will work for you where you simply place every suggested bet, if you have the detailed knowledge of what type of bettor you are, because you will be able to search for a tipster who’s process fits with your own betting profile. If you get alignment, it’s possible to make profit from them. Without that I believe that any bettor will be constantly jumping from one tipster to another and not understanding why it’s not working for them, this can be prevented by using the FMFR Method with any potential horse racing tips.

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